Who are we ?

Created in 2007, the PremUp Foundation is a national multidisciplinary and collaborative network for perinatal research and care. Its striking force resides in its unrivalled capacity to unite the powers of excellence and boundary pushing in research, and from different disciplines, in the service of a common cause, as well as healthcare professionals who care for mothers and babies.

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Perinat Collection®

Perinat Collection® is a tool which collects, preserves and makes use of large collections of foetal and perinatal biological samples which are documented and linked to clinical and imaging data regarding pregnant women and new born babies. These data come from different maternity units and neonatal services in the PremUp Foundation network. This permits centralised controlled access which is available to the national, European and international scientific community.

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PLACENTECH® is a technology platform, unrivalled on a global scale, which uses ex vivo placental perfusion models and placental cultures in order to study the metabolism of the human placenta and its reaction to potentially toxic molecules. The collection of this clinical and biological data aims at improving clinical practices and perinatal pharmacology. This information is linked to the Perinat Collection database, therefore multiplying the possibilities of analysis.


Premimage® is an experimental research platform in perinatal imaging (ultrasound and MRI) unique in France whose objective is the evaluation of new diagnostic tools for high-risk pregnancies and cerebral and pulmonary lesions in premature babies. 

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The CRB at CHIC (Centre for Biological Resources at the Créteil Intercommunal Hospital Centre) (NF S96-900 certified since December 2014) and PremUp work together in the storage of biological collections including the Perinat Collection®.

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Within the Perinat Collection® project, PremUp has built international and regional and private and public partnerships by developing synergies with great impact which enable the creation and enrichment of true expertise

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